Joy Of Satan Arts 

Everyone who is interested in sharing beauty of Satan's Kingdom is welcomed here! 


This site is dedicated to restoring Satan's Kingdom through art. Much has been destroyed. But the traces of truth and truth alone can never be destroyed! This site is also dedicated to all artistic souls to individually express the beauty of our Creator and all the Gods who help us find the truth. 
Create in Name of Satan!


We're here to share true beauty of Satan's Kingdom. Those unfamiliar with truth can't advance, as everything built on lies will eventually collapse. 
Truth is the only way of creation. 
 But in order to crate something new, old must be destroyed, and in order to let the creation flourish, it must be watered with truth, therefore the lie must be destroyed from the root. 

Art of Truth

"Do not be afraid to destroy. Do not be afraid to create. LISTEN to Me. Create with all of your being. Destroy with all of your being." - Father Satan

The best way to express yourself is through creation. All sons and daughters of Satan have this power in them, power to create and power to destroy. 

"You will not be more created by creating any more than you will be destroyed by destroying. Are you more created now? Are you here or are you destroyed? You are here. You will be here as long as I am here and that is forever." - Father Satan

True beauty of creation is only possible by truth

Before you create, you must know who created you. Truth has always been there, but you were forced to keep your eyes closed in front of it. Time has come, when truth will triumph again. 

Open your eyes. 

Create, because you are your own creator

Satan has given us everything to be our own creators. 

All artistic souls are welcomed to show their creation to their brothers and sisters in Satan.


Visit the place of Satan's Beauty. Create, Share and help rebuilding Satan's Kingdom through Art!